Saving and investing apps just aren’t working for the majority of Americans, but quin works for everyone.

On October 10th, 2012, I had my first transaction into what was the first neobank, Simple. While the initial onboarding was a tad rocky (a bug prevented me from logging in until at least a penny was deposited), the rest of the experience was truly life-changing. Simple’s Goals feature allowed me to save for Christmas. Usually, my wife and I would just scrape together what we could last minute. Even though I only started saving in October, we already had actual savings to spend on presents by Christmas. …

You just don’t adapt well enough to change

The word reactionary gets a bad rap. In tech, reactionary is a requirement to being successful in a startup. It’s the best muscle to use as a startup against incumbents.

Your organization has to be built to handle the adaptability required in a reactive org however. If the org isn’t setup from top to bottom this way you will give your team whiplash.

Prior to the 1950s cars were built like a rock. This protected the car but, quite literally, killed people inside due to the instant change in momentum. In 1937 Béla Barényi invented what is called the “crumple…

In the Portland Acorns office, we developed a process named NOSCRUM. As a full stack satellite office, we work fairly autonomously on projects. Our team is much smaller than our HQ in Irvine (~9% of the size) so we needed to develop a process that worked well for a smaller team, kept our velocity going strong, and just enough process to keep the team comfortable. I was asked to share this by a handful of people so I decided I would share with the world.

The name, however, isn’t original and I owe it to Kris Gale who used this…

This is the completely unglamorous story of my startup I co-founded with my friend and business partner, Adam Bickford. A couple months ago it was acquired by our first investor who now manages it and is taking it in a new direction.

Usually you read about startups on sites like TechCrunch where a startup in San Francisco made some app that does something inane like sends “Yo” to your friends and raises million of dollars their seed round that later sells for 100s of millions to billions of dollars. You rarely hear about how truly fucking brutal it is. It’s…

Carolina Reapers, up to 2,200,000 SHU. Picture by Sally Crossthwaite

I like spicy food that most people would consider physically impossible to eat. They call me insane and beg for a logical reason why I would inflict such pain on myself. For those who don’t know me, I use Carolina Reaper pepper powder to put in my food. This powder has a rating of 1,500,000 Scoville Heat Unit (SHU). If you’re not into peppers that’s probably gibberish. SHU ratings are like a temperature scale on a thermometer but for spiciness. To compare, a jalapeño is between 1,000–20,000 SHU and most pepper spray to be used on humans is anywhere between…

How we as parents are inadvertently teaching our kids that girls and boys can’t be friends

As adults we’ve grown up with “how it is” for so long we don’t even notice certain toxic aspects of every day life that are so embedded into our brain and the culture that surrounds us that they become transparent or mindless conversation. However, sometimes some event happens that snaps us out of that reality and we see something in a totally different perspective. An epiphany, if you will.

Today I discovered as parents how we subconsciously teach our kids who their friends can be based on their gender, or as I call it “inadvertent gender relationship indoctrination”.

A few…

Yesterday npm released a feature called private modules. It let’s you publish to their module registry ( but keep your modules private. The old way of achieving private modules without running your own registry was convoluted, didn’t work well and required you commit and push your app tokens into your source code (gross). The new way, from npm, let’s you publish private modules just like normal modules and simply copy and paste your token into Heroku’s environment variables to keep it safe.

The general steps are:

  1. Sign up for private modules if you haven’t already yet (it’s $7 a month…

A completely factual, science based article on burritos

We all have those friends who love tacos. “Let’s get some tacos from that taco cart” they suggest. These people are merely following a fad. You see, tacos are the cool food right now, but the truth, the fact, is that burritos are far superior. Not just superior to tacos, but to all food humans have invented.

OK, burritos are pretty sweet you might say, but how are they factually the best food?

It doesn’t leak the precious sauces

Get out of here with your tacos, wraps, gyros and whatever “food” you’re ingesting. Burritos wont spill on you if made correctly. Pour in your hot sauces…

Free development and design time to one amazing company

Yorkshire Interactive, an app and website development firm I started with my co-founder from Piggybank, has been open for a little over a month. We’re doing better than we ever thought we’d do in our first month. This means that while we’re not rich enough to shop on JamesEdition or anything, we have some time and resources to help one awesome company out and build or redesign a site or app for them for free on Giving Tuesday. No catches, hidden fees, or equity involved. There’s just a cap on total free hours.

If you’re someone who’s thinking about starting…

When I started Piggybank with my co-founder Adam Bickford we knew closing the deals with banks would take a long time. We were planning for around a year and in that time we’ve signed with a processor and signed and sent all our paperwork to our bank partner. However, our bank partner is now pushing our Piggybank launch to Q1 2016.

Obviously, we’re super bummed. We all had the impression we’d launch in the fall, but hey, the banking industry moves slow. We were also right in the middle of raising money to launch when we got this news. Due…

Oscar Godson

CTO & Creative Director at @quin___ and co-founder Level Up. Formerly CTO of @vaultinvesting and alumni of @acorns , @simple , @yammer .

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